Our pizzas rise naturally for at least 24 hours, in special rooms with controlled temperature and humidity.
They are then stretched and topped by hand, preserving the unique qualities of a long-rising dough.
Finally, the pizzas are baked on pizza stones in a wood oven, employing
a technique developed and employed exclusively for our company.


Private Label

We can customize recipes with different crusts, toppings,
packaging and format according to customers needs.


From 7 cm (3 in)
to 45 cm (18 in)
of diameter

Different Crust

Napoli Crust, Traditional Crust, Ultra Thin Crust

Different Pack

Full customizable sizes and shapes

Food Service

Plastic pack

Certified Organic Pizza

Organic food production prohibits the use of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizers, thus avoiding the health risks that have been associated with the use of these chemicals, organic foods are never genetically modified or engineered, nor are they ever irradiated. The certification process and the USDA seal you find on this pack ensures that what you are going to enjoy is a real organic product produced under the strictest organic standards established by the USDA.

Quality Control

Use of the most advanced quality systems and procedures to guarantee the safety and health of our consumers. Physical, chemical and microbiological controls made throughout the entire production process. Total control of the supply and production chain. Periodic validation of manufacturing processes to Ensure consistency and compliance of the products. Constant research of new ingredients and recipes to offer the best products.